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The outcome of an advanced technological design, the Pediatech foot orthosis ensures biomechancial control to cope with the active lifestyle of children.

Available in fun designs, the Pediatech foot orthosis comes with a polymer shell that is sufficiently flexible and thin to provide room for the foot to grow, but also sturdy enough to correct a child’s positioning and walk. This orthosis permanently corrects gait disorders caused by poor posture, weakness and/or foot deformity. The Pediatech is strongly resistant to impact or premature wear and effectively protects the plantar surface for activities that are extremely demanding on the feet.

By promoting the realignment of the foot and its bone segments, the Pediatech orthosis enhances the foot’s mechanical advancement and directly addresses problems most likely to worsen and be detrimental to a child’s development. On this basis, a very deep cup is favoured to allow maximum control of the anterior (cuboid, navicular and three cuneiform bones) and posterior (talus and calcaneus bones) tarsus while the various biomechanical corrective postings support the growth of developing joints. By paying special attention to the age and growth curve of the child, we can cut the orthosis a little longer to extend its useful life.

Our philosophy is to think outside the box and exceed our customers’ expectations, providing exceptional orthoses that are tailored to the needs of each individual.

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