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Designed to fit in tight spaces such as dress or high-heeled shoes, the Biopchic orthosis combines comfort, correction and discretion thanks to its ultra-thin polymer shell. Precise cutting at the forefoot of the shell optimizes the support of each metatarsal head so that plantar pressure is distributed evenly. Special attention is paid to the positioning of the arches in light of the applied force used by the transfer of central weight to the front of the foot.

A choice of three cuts is offered under the heel: no opening for maximum rear stability, an “O” opening which clears maximum space or an “U” opening for very high-heeled shoes. The shell, which is skin tone in colour, is enhanced with a brilliant, maintenance-free shine.

To guarantee a perfectly fitted arch, it is strongly recommended that you send us the shoes to be fitted with the orthosis. In addition, please note that a very high-heeled shoe (more than 5cm) is liable to constrain the corrective and therapeutic action of the orthosis.

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