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The Bioptech orthosis is the result of extensive studies in applied biomechanics. It combines all the most desired qualities into one orthosis: it’s lightweight, compact, strong, and supple. The Bioptech is the plantar orthosis for people who wish to benefit from daily support for all their activities. Because of its reduced size, the Bioptech plantar orthosis fits easily into most street shoes. Whether for work, relaxation or recreation, it provides excellent versatility while guaranteeing solid biomechanical control.

The heel cup gives shape to a foot orthosis, encompassing the heel and thus ensuring stability. Carefully sized and cut, the heel cup distributes the force of impact and maximizes the midstance and propulsion phases of a patient’s gait.

A set of postings in the orthosis can be adjusted at various angles to compensate and correct foot function as necessary, ensuring that the active orthosis maintains appropriate foot function during each phase of a patient’s gait.

The Bioptech shell is carefully polished by hand to obtain a remarkable softness, and is 100% hypoallergenic and resistant to perspiration and acidity. The top covered version allows the insertion of special correctives and enables compensation in the case of amputation or foot imbalance.

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